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Quality of Life in Spain, Second in the World


Spain is one of the largest economies of the European Union, and, according to a global survey performed this year, it is also one of the greatest locations providing a high quality of life. Persons who want to relocate in Spain or to start a company here have very good news in this sense, as Spain is the second country in the world offering highest levels of quality of life. The study included 26,800 expats living in Spain, who declared that the country offers economic perspectives. Our team of lawyers in Spain can offer legal assistance on the documents which must be obtained by foreigners when relocating in this country. 

Record level of tourists and airport passengers in Spain


The tourism industry in Spain is developing at a fast pace and the estimates set out for the next months of 2016 are showing that the industry will further develop. The increase in the tourist arrivals can be seen in the total arrivals registered throughout the Spanish airports. Airport passenger number increased during the month of May by 11,3%. Businessmen interested in setting up a company in the field of tourism, such as a travelling agency, can receive assistance on the incorporation procedure from our team of Spanish lawyers. 

Real Estate Sales Increased by 29% in April 2016


Spanish market presented in the first six months of 2016 many positive information referring to its economic sectors. Tourism, construction sector in the field of accommodation and real estate market are just few of the fields which registered increases at a fast pace, compared to the situation of 2015. Businessmen who are interested in opening a company in Spain related to the real estate market should know that, in the first months of the year, the industry developed in a rapid manner and in April 2016 the total real estate sales accounted for 35,199 contracts, which represent an increase of 29%, compared to the same month of the previous year. Our team of Spanish lawyers can offer more details on the legal grounds regulating the real estate industry. 

Business Opportunities in the Aeronautics Industry in Spain


Spain represents a very attractive business environment, as many economic fields have had positive financial results. One of the fields in which foreign investors are advised to invest is the aeronautics industry, which presents many business opportunities in its sub-domains. Our team of Spanish lawyers can provide assistance on the ways in which an aeronautics company can be incorporated here, and they can also assist with relevant information on the most important aerospace fields. 

Investments in Spanish Upper-Class Hotels


Spanish tourism increased at a fast pace in the last years. In 2015, the industry registered very good results and this trend was also kept during 2016, while projections are showing a further increase. The accommodation industry in Spain is connected with the tourism activity and it is important to know that the upper-class hotels present many business opportunities. Businessmen interested in opening a company in the accommodation industry should know that, in the first five months of 2016, the amount spent for buying hotels in Spain reached a total value of EUR 611 million. Our team of Spanish lawyers can assist with more details on the legal requirements referring to the purchase of an accommodation unit in Spain. 

Foreign Investments in Spain Increased by 11% in 2015


Foreign businessmen interested in expanding their investments on a different market than the one they are operating at the moment must know that the Spanish environment offers promising opportunities, due to a record-level in terms of investments registered in 2015. Investors should also know that during this year, several industries have already reported important financial gains, especially in the construction sector. Our team of Spanish lawyers can offer an in-depth presentation on this subject and they can also provide legal advice for the incorporation of a company on the Spanish market, in a field which is of interest for the investors. 

Reasons to Invest on the Spanish Market


Spain represents a powerful economy situated within the European Union (EU). Foreign investors who are interested in relocating their business activities can choose Spain as the location of their investment projects due to a set of factors, which makes this market a very competitive one within the EU area, but also at a worldwide level. Our team of Spanish lawyers can assist foreign businessmen with details on the main reasons which make Spain an attractive business market. 

Spanish Framework for ICT Businesses


Businessmen who are seeking to relocate or to expand their business activities carried out in the field of information and communication technology (ICT) can choose Spain as an investment location, due to its legal framework created in this sense. The Spanish authorities sustain this type of activity, as the domain has an increasing role in the local economy. Our team of Spanish lawyers can provide an extensive presentation on the incentives offered to ICT companies. 

Spanish Investment Incentives

Foreign investment is sustained in Spain through a set of incentives provided by the local government. The Spanish incentives are offered to foreign businesses in accordance with the company’s size and the economic field in which they carry their operations. Our team of Spanish attorneys can offer an in-depth presentation on all the governmental incentives programs to which foreign entrepreneurs can apply to. 

New Exports from Spain to China


A new protocol signed between Spain and China allows Spain to be the first European Union country to export certain types of fruits to China. This is an important business opportunity for all investors in food and agriculture because of the immense potential the Chinese market presents. Fruit exports from Spain are expected to begin this year after a number of Chinese inspectors will perform a check-up of selected farms and factories. 

A Positive Outlook for Spain’s Property Market in 2016


Experts believe that the Spanish property market will remain stable and continue its recovery. The assumptions are optimistic despite the overall economic situation and specialists predict that this business sector will perform slightly more than in 2015. Home sales are those expected to record the most significant growth, up to 12% compared to last year.

Spain-Azerbaijan Business Opportunities


Azerbaijan officials presented the latest opportunities for Spanish investors during a meeting earlier this month. The country will open new agro-parks and Spanish companies are invited to become their residents. More than 130 entrepreneurs from both countries attended a business forum in April and discussed the business relations between Spain and Azerbaijan.

Spain to Support High-Tech Companies


The Spanish high-tech industry is one of the most successful industries in the country at the moment due to significant investments. Digital companies have registered great increases in their incomes in the last year thanks to the investment they made for modernization purposes. The high-tech industry is also supported by the Spanish Government.

Automotive Industry, One of the Best Sectors in Spain


The automotive industry is currently one of the best industries in Spain, as the number of purchased cars and the exports have gone up at the beginning of the year. Most of the Spanish citizens are inclined to buy electric cars, according to the latest statistics. Our lawyers in Spain can provide you with more information about the successful automobile industry.

Spanish Economy to Grow by 2.7% in 2016


The International Monetary Fund (IMF) released a new and improved forecast for the Spanish economy at the beginning of the year. The provisions were based on the economic results which were better than expected at the end of 2015. The estimations cover 2016 and 2017 and also take into account actualization in the context of the global economy.

Spanish Real Estate Market to Recover in 2016


The latest report of the National Institute of Statistics in Spain shows a recovery of the real estate market that started in 2015 and continues in the first months of 2016 as well. Other surveys show that the increase is mainly due to foreign citizens seeking to acquire new properties. Our lawyers in Spain can provide you with information about the trends in the real estate industry.

Spanish Retail Industry to Grow in 2016


The confidence among retail companies in Spain is at its highest, as numbers show an increase in sales. The economic growth registered at the end of last year has also helped both retailers and residents who have started to spend more. Our lawyers in Spain can provide you with more information about the country’s current economic status.

Spanish Economic Recovery Leads to Higher Employment Rates


Spain’s economy has started to recover towards the end of 2015 and the best proof is the rise in employment numbers, according to one of the reports released by a governmental agency. The unemployment rate at the end of last year was 3% lower than it was at the end of 2014 and the most prosperous region at the moment is Andalusia.

Spanish Gambling Industry Is Thriving


The gambling industry has begun to develop quite a lot during the last few years in Spain. Recent statistics show that both land-based and online casinos have become very popular and the industry is still expanding. In 2015online casinos alone have doubled the number of registered players. Our lawyers in Spain can provide you with more information about investment opportunities in the gambling sector.

Tourism to Remain One of the Strongest Spanish Industries


The tourism industry continued to be one of the largest contributors to the Spanish economy in 2015, according to statistics. Surveys show that tourism brought around 120 billion euros to the country’s treasury during the last year. Companies in the tourism sector reported a 3.7% increase in 2015 and are also positive about 2016. If you want to open a travel agency in Spain, you can refer to our lawyers.

Spanish Economy to Grow Significantly in 2016


The International Monetary Fund (IMF) issued its annual country report for Spain which provides for an increase in the economy this year. According to the survey, Spain will surpass some of the actual leading economies of the world. The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development and the European Commission’s predictions are in line with those of the IMF and also provide for economic growth.

5 Reasons for expats to choose Spain


Spain is an interesting country to discover for both tourists and foreign citizens who want to come and work there for a few months or even years. They will enjoy a mild climate, friendly people, a lot of possibilities for entertaining and a healthy lifestyle.

Two cities in Spain, in the top of European startup locations


Two important Spanish cities ranked high in the top of the best European destinations for opening and developing a startup. Madrid and Barcelona are among the first 15 best cities in Europe for starting a small business.

Unemployment in Spain, at a minimum rate in four years


Spain has registered a minimum unemployment rate in the third quarter of 2015, after a few years in which the country was strongly affected by the economic crises and it lost thousands of jobs. The unemployment rate reached 21.18% falling from 25.93% at the beginning of 2015 and 26.94% in 2013, when it was registered the peak, during the crises.

Spain, one of the fastest growing economies in Europe


After recovering from the economic crises, Spain has become one of the fastest growing European economies competing with the stronger ones, such as Germany, France and Italy. In the top of the “big four” European economies, Spain ranked on the first position and it is expected to expand by 3.2% in 2015 and by 2.5% in 2016, according to an estimation made by the specialists from the International Monetary Fund.