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About us

About us

Updated on Wednesday 27th September 2017

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Our lawyers in Spain provide a wide range of legal services for foreign citizens interested in doing business in Spain, from company formation and registration to accounting and company liquidation.
Every foreign entrepreneur can count on the the professional services offered by our law firm Spain who specialize in company formation matters, business consulting etc. Our specialists can represent foreign citizens in front of the local authorities, at all levels, and offer assistance for different types of commercial issues.
A foreign businessman doesn’t have to go to Spain in order to open a company because our local specialists can perform the company registration on behalf of the international clients. Our consultants can obtain special permits and licenses for different types of economic activities and assist foreign investors for different business matters.
Our Spanish lawyers can represent local and foreign businessmen in front of the local courts. 
Our services are tailored to your business’ needs and for details you may contact us at our local office in Madrid. 


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