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Investing Trends in Spain in 2016

Investing-Trends-in-Spain-in-2016.pngWhen investing in a foreign country, businessmen have to verify which are the investment conditions available in that particular location, in order to evaluate their return on investment. In this sense, Spain represents an attractive business location, with numerous investment fields which offer many business opportunities. Those who are interested to register a company here can find out in-depth information on the registration process from our team of lawyers in Spain


Recent development of the Spanish economy  

After several years of economic crisis, which had also hit most of the European countries, the Spanish economy recovered, and more and more industries report positive financial results. One of the main reasons for which the local economy is now thriving is related to the reforms implemented by the Spanish government
Investors who are interested in opening a company in Spain are advised to invest on the local market, as the local economy is now situated above the European average, increasing by 3,2% in 2015. 
Foreign investors who want to enter the Spanish business market can access various instruments available for them, such as government bonds and equity; our team of attorneys in Spain can provide more details referring to the legislation in this sense. 

Investment fields in Spain  

There are many investment fields which are available to foreign investors interested in setting operations here. Some of the most important are the following: 
automotive industry;
tourism industry;
biotechnology industry. 
In 2015, the Spanish automotive industry produced 2,7 million units. This value represents the second highest car production in the European Union, after Germany. It is important to know that most renowned automotive companies have business operations in Spain. At the same time, Spain is also the first industrial vehicle producer. 
The tourism industry is also very well developed in Spain, as in 2015 it accounted for 60 million visitors, increasing by 4,4% compared to 2014. 
Businessmen interested in receiving more details on the legal services available here are invited to contact our law firm in Spain


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