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5 Business Opportunities in Spain in 2017

5-Business-Opportunities-in-Spain-in-2017.jpgHaving a profitable business in Spain will much depend on the chosen domain and the market analysis in such areas. Many foreign entrepreneurs choose to start doing businesses in public relations, car industry, recruitment or tourism in Spain. If you think it is time to profit from the business opportunities for 2017 in Spain, it is recommended to ask for financial advice and guidance from our Spanish lawyers.

1. Open a marketing business in Spain 

This kind of business implies growing other companies by offering strategy plans according to the trends available and generating awareness for them. SEO services, social media marketing, and email marketing are the main services to consider when dealing with this important domain. Many companies established in Spain do not benefit from these types of advantages and services, although it is a proper method to improve the image and to generate money in 2017.

2. Open a hotel in Spain 

According to statistics for 2016, Catalonia, Castellon de la Plana, Girona, Pais Vasco, Asturias, Galicia, Cantabria, and the Balearic Islands are top locations for tourism in Spain. Being a well-positioned country and considering the high rate of tourism, opening a hotel can be a great choice for those who want to start making money in Spain. As a reminder, our lawyers in Spain are ready to offer legal services when setting up a company in Spain and guidance when applying for different licenses.

3. Set up GPS services company in Spain

There are many opportunities in the automobile industry in Spain, a country where the infrastructure is one of the most developed in the world. The GPS systems are now wanted and recommended, therefore, you can think of implementing such systems on cars. Customers can benefit from the security and the direction a car with GPS can offer, besides details about available parking lots, with the special apps. Although it might seem a small business at the beginning, consider exploring this area because many locals and tourists might need such services.

4. Open a translation office in Spain

Spain is a country visited by many tourists worldwide who do not know the language. You can consider offering translation services to ease the communication. Such business can deal will lots of contracts through travel agencies that ask for interpretation services in different languages. Besides that, documents can be translated in Spanish from many different languages.

5. Register a real estate agency in Spain

The migration in Spain encountered interesting numbers, and many foreign citizens legally work in the country. A real estate agency can help people settle in a fast and normal manner right from the beginning. Besides that, tourists in need of accommodation in the country can choose the services of a specialized firm. Certain licenses will need to be obtained when opening a real estate agency in Spain.
You are invited to contact our law firm in Spain for additional information about the available legal services for you or for your company in the country.


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