A Brief Description of Spain's 2018 Tax Compliance Strategy

The Spanish Tax Agency released its 2018 tax compliance and customs control plan. It includes the main tax control and enforcement measures for the current year and it focuses on key issues such as campaigns for tax compliance information and assistance and the investigation of high-risk taxpayers. Our team of attorneys in Spain can provide complete information about the requirements set forth by the Tax Agency.

The tax and customs control plan

The Spanish Tax Agency (Agencia Tributaria) released its main guidelines on the planned strategy that will be enforced for the current year. The main issues that will be addressed by the Agency include a planned tax compliance information and assistance campaign, preventive measures, the investigation of high-risk taxpayers, fraud control during the tax collection process and a better collaboration between central and regional tax authorities.
Special attention will be placed upon base erosion and profit shifting, as well as other tax avoidance strategies. The Agency highlighted the fact that it will implement a set of control actions meant to ensure that the transfer pricing rules are observed. Special attention will be awarded to intra-group services, arrangements for corporate restructuring and intra-group financing operations. One of our lawyers in Spain can give you comprehensive information about the tax avoidance schemes in Spain and can provide legal guidance on their implementation. 

Taxation in Spain 

Corporate taxation in Spain is imposed based on residence: those corporations with their registered office in Spain are taxed on their worldwide income, while non-resident corporations only on their income derived from the country. The standard corporate income tax rate is 25% and other taxes for companies include the real property tax, stamp duty or social security contributions. 
For more detailed information about tax compliance in the country, please do not hesitate to contact the experts at our law firm in Spain.