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A New Record for Tourism in Spain, Registered This Summer

A-New-Record-for-Tourism-in-Spain-Registered-This-Summer.jpgOne of the most important economic pillars of Spain is represented by the tourism industry. This year started very well for the local tourism industry and it has increased to such an extent, that it has broken the record in terms of incoming tourists. Persons who are interested in the tourism industry for investment purposes can have many business opportunities, as the market is very well adjusted to accommodate the needs of the local and incoming visitors. Our team of lawyers in Spain can offer assistance on the main legal requirements that must be completed when activating in this industry. 

Key aspects of the Spanish tourism industry  

The tourism industry in Spain increased by 10,2%, measured in terms of tourists numbers. The increase refers to September 2016 and it is measured on a year to year basis, representing 7,9 million tourists
It is important to know that the Brexit had a positive effect on the Spanish tourism industry, as the British citizens were interested in finding cheaper travelling destinations. At the same time, the British population represented the highest increase in terms of foreign visitors in Spain
The total number of foreign visitors reached 27,6 million persons and at the level of September 2016, two million tourists were represented by British visitors. Overall, Spain registered an increase of 12,8% (compared to 2015) in the accommodation demands of the British tourists
Therefore, businessmen who are interested in opening a company in Spain in the field of tourism may find many relevant opportunities in this industry. 
Our team of attorneys in Spain can provide more details on the business permits that are usually required for companies operating in this field. 

Overall number of tourists in Spain 

The Spanish tourism industry received so far an overall number of tourists estimated at 60,3 million. The number refers only to the first nine months of the year and the estimates for the entire year are showing that 74 million tourists will visit the country. 
Our law firm in Spain can provide legal assistance to the entrepreneurs who need to find out more on the tourism industry. Please contact our lawyers for personalized advice. 


  • Anne 2016-11-14

    Spain always had good results, because it has many interesting touristic destinations. However, this year offered a new perspective on the tourism industry.

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