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September' 2015 | Archive | Blog

Spanish Prime Minister: Structural reforms lead to economic growth


The recovery of the Spanish economy in the last year is due to the structural reforms imposed by the local authorities that helped the country overcome the financial crises. This is the opinion of Mariano Rajoy, the Prime Minister of Spain, who said that this country is no longer “the sick man of Europe” and succeeded to become one of the states that registered the highest growth rate in the European Union.

A new record of Spanish exports in the first half of 2015


Spain’s exports registered the highest growth in the last 44 years, rising by 5.5% in the first seven months of 2015 and the main reason for this is the recovery of the Spanish and European markets. The value of Spanish exports overcame EUR 148 billion and this helped reducing the negative foreign trade balance of Spain.

Spain registered 11 months of economic growth


After a period of nearly five years of recession, when the Spanish economy was strongly affected by the financial crises, this country seems to recover very well and it registered 11 months of economic growth. The Spanish authorities are very proud of this recovery and the Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy named the country as “Germany of southern Europe”.