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June' 2016 | Archive | Blog

Reasons to Invest on the Spanish Market


Spain represents a powerful economy situated within the European Union (EU). Foreign investors who are interested in relocating their business activities can choose Spain as the location of their investment projects due to a set of factors, which makes this market a very competitive one within the EU area, but also at a worldwide level. Our team of Spanish lawyers can assist foreign businessmen with details on the main reasons which make Spain an attractive business market. 

Spanish Framework for ICT Businesses


Businessmen who are seeking to relocate or to expand their business activities carried out in the field of information and communication technology (ICT) can choose Spain as an investment location, due to its legal framework created in this sense. The Spanish authorities sustain this type of activity, as the domain has an increasing role in the local economy. Our team of Spanish lawyers can provide an extensive presentation on the incentives offered to ICT companies. 

Spanish Investment Incentives

Foreign investment is sustained in Spain through a set of incentives provided by the local government. The Spanish incentives are offered to foreign businesses in accordance with the company’s size and the economic field in which they carry their operations. Our team of Spanish attorneys can offer an in-depth presentation on all the governmental incentives programs to which foreign entrepreneurs can apply to.