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A New Record for Tourism in Spain, Registered This Summer


One of the most important economic pillars of Spain is represented by the tourism industry. This year started very well for the local tourism industry and it has increased to such an extent, that it has broken the record in terms of incoming tourists. Persons who are interested in the tourism industry for investment purposes can have many business opportunities, as the market is very well adjusted to accommodate the needs of the local and incoming visitors. Our team of lawyers in Spain can offer assistance on the main legal requirements that must be completed when activating in this industry. 

Incentives for the Spanish Biotechnology Industry


A growing industry in Spain is the biotechnology sector, which became very attractive to both local and foreign investors. The expansion of this field can be seen in its share increase observed in the Spanish Gross Domestic Product (GDP). For example, in a period of only six years, the biotechnology sector increased from 2.98% GDP share (in 2008) to 10.35% (in 2014). Investors who want to open a company in Spain in this field can receive legal assistance from our team of lawyers in Spain, who can help investors obtain licenses available for this sector. 

Spain: Main Effects of the CETA Agreement


The European Union (EU) and Canada have just signed the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA), that will have a positive effect on the trading relations established by the two contracting entities. The agreement is applicable in all EU’s member-states, including Spain. Those who want to open a company in Spain which will deliver goods and products on the European and Canadian markets will also benefit from its provisions. Our team of lawyers in Spain can provide more details on the legal aspects implied by the new trading agreement.