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Spain, Top Destination for UK Citizens Purchasing Properties Abroad


Spain is an attractive destination for persons interested in purchasing a property. With a warm climate and numerous touristic locations, Spain stands out as one of the top European countries on property matters, certain regions of the country representing the highlights of the property market. In this sense, it is important to know that British citizens have the highest level of interest for purchasing a property in SpainOur team of lawyers in Spain can offer in-depth advice on the legislation regulating the procedure for purchasing a property here, for residential or commercial purposes.  

The Property Market Recovers in Spain


The Spanish economy is recovering from the economic crisis which affected the entire continent during the last decade. The property market in Spain is also on an upward trajectory, with sustained economic growth and stability in the real estate investment sector. Over the last three years, the property market in Spain has witnessed an increase of the selling prices and demand. Property transactions and new housing starts had a 70% annual increase in 2016. The legal aspects regulating the property market in Spain can be explained to you by our attorneys in Spain.

Increasing Immigration Trends in Spain

2016 is the year in which the immigration trends have modified. Last year more persons immigrated to Spain than the ones who left the country, on account of the country’s economic growth and decresing unemployment rates. According to the National Institute of Statistics, more foreigners are interested in immigration in Spain, alongside with an increase of Spanish citizens returning to their home country. Our team of Spanish lawyers can offer in-depth assistance on the immigration permits applicable for various purposes, such as employment on the local market. 

Increasing Employment Rate in Spain in 2017

The employment rate in Spain continued to grow in May 2017, thus showing that the local measures taken by the Spanish government for job creation were effective. The Spanish Employment Ministry presented its latest data on this matter, announcing that 111,908 persons found employment in Spain. Moreover, the data offered by the ministry showed that 223,192 persons were enrolled for payments to the social security system in May, marking a record at the level of this month since 2005. Our team of lawyers in Spain can offer more details on the employment legislation applicable here. 

Competitiveness Programs and Investments in Spain


The Spanish economy is characterized by several economic activities. The business environment is highly competitive for investors who want to open a company in Spain, as the country is considered the 5th largest economy in the European Union (EU). Foreign investors should also know that Spain represents the 14th largest economy at a global level, being characterized by strong export activitiestourism and foreign direct investmentsOur team of lawyers in Spain can offer legal assistance on the main rules of law regulating the above mentioned fields.