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VAT Cut for Cultural Activities


The Spanish Government plans on cutting down the value added tax for cultural activities. This decision comes after a decrease of the popularity and the sales for live events in the country. Investors in the entertainment industry in Spain can talk to one of our attorneys in Spain to find out more how they will benefit from the implementation of this measure.

Tourism in Spain Unlikely to be Influenced by Barcelona Attack


Investors in Spain in the tourism sector can expect no long-lasting effect of the Barcelona attack on their business, experts believe. The estimate is based on the city’s size and the fact that it is a top tourist destination. Moreover, other cities that have seen similar events, like London, have experienced a rapid bounce back in their number of tourists.

Spain Records Strong Quarterly Growth


Spain’s economy recorded its largest growth since the pre-crash peak. The 0.9% growth in the second quarter of 2017 was among the largest in Europe and it was significantly larger than the growth figures recorded by the United Kingdom, for example. European statistics offices point it that the economy grew faster than it was predicted for the April-June period. One of our lawyers in Spain can give you complete information on the current conditions for investment and the policies that are favorable for foreign entrepreneurs in Spain. 

IMF: Spanish Economy to Outgrow the Economic Projections for 2017

Traditionally speaking, Spain is a great location for starting a company. Businessmen who want to invest in Spain may benefit from the advantages of the local economy, which is set to increase in 2017 to a higher level higher that the original estimates. According to the data provided by the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the Spanish economy will increase in 2017 by minimum 3,1%, a higher rate than the inital projection of the institution (2,6%). Our team of lawyers in Spain can offer further assistance on the investment legislation available for foreign businessmen. 

Real Time Reporting for VAT in Spain


A new regime for reporting the VAT-taxable transactions was introduced in Spain starting on July 1st. The new framework covers large taxpayers, with a turnover exceeding 6 million euros per year and targets those large companies in Spain that file monthly VAT returns. Our lawyers in Spain can help you understand this new regime and whether or not it applies to your business.

A New Record for the Spanish Tourism due to British Citizens


The Spanish tourism reached a new record on account of the foreign visitors arriving from the United Kingdom (UK). The tourism industry in Spain registered the fifth record year and investors interested in opening a company operating in this industry should know that, at the level of 2016, the field accounted for an overall value of EUR 77 billion. The projections for 2017 show that the industry will further grow and our team of lawyers in Spain can offer more details on the main types of permits that are to be obtained by companies operating in this industry.