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Madrid and Barcelona, in Top of the Best Cities for Startups


Madrid and Barcelona were included in the top fifteen cities in Europe more suitable for startups. The two Spanish cities are perceived as somewhat rivals, however, this rivalry that spurs competition is precisely what makes them some of the best locations for startup companies based in the EU. Investors in Spain have a multitude of benefits and foreign entrepreneurs are treated the same was as local investors.

Record Funding for Spanish Start-up Companies in Q1 2017

The start-up environment is increasing at a rapid pace. In the first quarter of 2017, the level of investments carried out for start-up companies registered the highest value in the last years, reaching a total value of EUR 305 million. More importantly, the funding received by the Spanish start-up companies in the first quarter of 2017 represents 58% of the total funds obtained in 2016. Investors in Spain interested in launching an innovative product or service can receive legal assistance from our team of Spanish lawyers on the funding programs available for start-ups.

Requirements for Opening an IT Company in Spain


Spain has an extensive and well-represented information and communication technology sector (ICT) that is well-represented by both local and foreign companies. Those who open an IT company in Spain have access to an evolving business sector, with accessible labor costs and a good regulatory regime for businesses. Our lawyers in Spain describe the requirements to open a company in this field.

Inheritance in Andalucia, Exempted From Taxation for Values Below EUR 1 Million


Inheritance in the region of Andalucia, Spain, will be exempted from taxation for properties with a market value below EUR 1 million. The new regulation represents the most important tax reduction applicable to inherited assets in the last 35 years and it is available to certain categories of family members. The legislation was adopted at the end of September, 2017, and it is also applicable to persons who are citizens of the European Union (EU) and European Economic Area (EEA), as long as they are related to a Spanish nationalOur team of lawyers in Spain can provide legal assistance on the legislation related to Spanish inheritance in the region of Andalucia, as well as on other Spanish regions