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Spanish Credit Rating, Upgraded to "A-" by Standard&Poor's


The Spanish economy has been increasing in the last years and more and more macroeconomic indicators are yielding positive results. The market is more stable and the international credit rating agency Standard&Poor’s (S&P) has recently modified the country’s credit rating, from “BBB+” to “A-” on account of economic and budgetary performance. Those who want to set up a business in Spain should know that the recent issues concerning the Catalan region did not have a negative impact on the country’s overall economic growthOur team of Spanish lawyers can advise foreign businessmen on a suitable region in which they can invest, depending on the operations they want to set up here.

ICT and Automotive Sectors, Top Investment Industries in Spain


The ICT and automotive are highly developed fields of activity in Spain and also important contributors to the Spanish gross domestic product (GDP). The automotive sector in Spain accounts for 10% of the GDP, while the ICT represented at the level of 20164.2% of the total GDP. Those who want to set up a company in Spain in one of these business sector should know that the country represents an attractive market for both industries. For instance, Spain is the second largest automotive manufacturer at a European level and the 8th at a global levelOur team of lawyers in Spain can offer advice on the regulations addressing to the ICT and automotive sectors

Spain to Prepare Favorable Tax Legislation for Blockchain Companies


As bitcoin activities are increasing across the world, Spain, as well as other top investment destinations for cryptocurrency investments, is preparing a legal framework that can protect the interests of all the parties involved in this activity. The Spanish authorities are currently creating a legal framework that will provide advantageous tax regulations for the investors operating in the cryptocurrency sector, and the legislation may completed during 2018. Our team of lawyers in Spain can advise on how to start a business operating in the cryptocurrency sector and may assist investors in launching initial coin offerings in this country.