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New Regulations for Selling Carrier Bags in Spanish Shops


Starting with 1st of July 2018carrier bags will be charged by all shops operating in Spain. Prior to the new regulation, supermarkets registered in Spain already imposed the payment of a small fee per each bag, but not all retailers had to do so. As a general rule, the carrier bags are usually imposed with a fee of approximately 2 eurocents for small bags, while a charge of approximately 10 cents is imposed in the case of larger bagsOur team of Spanish lawyers can advise businessmen on the environmental regulations that are available for all types of retailers performing business activities in this country. 

Underwater Tunnel to be Built Between Spain and Africa


new investment project, with a total value of EUR 8 billion, is currently discussed by the Spanish authorities, who are verifying the feasibility of the project. The investment, which refers to the construction of an underwater tunnel, will connect Spain and Africa through the Strait of Gibraltar. The project will be the first of this kind, being the first underwater tunnel that will connect the two continents and, if the authorities will find a suitable construction method to buit this tunnel, it will have a lenght of 38 kmOur team of Spanish lawyers can advise businessmen on the regulations referring to the construction sector in Spain

Spanish Traders to Accept Card Payments for any Purchase Above EUR 30


All traders in Spain will soon be required to provide card payment solutions for any purchase concluded in Spain which has a value of more than EUR 30. This will be imposed under a new rule of law created by the Spanish authorities, following a European directive on this matter – PSD2, which refers to payment services. Our team of lawyers in Spain can advise on the new proposed rule of law.