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Bitcoin Cashpoint, Opened in the Balearics Region

Bitcoin-Cashpoint-Opened-in-the-Balearics-Regions.jpgA bitcoin cashpoint was recently opened in the Balearics region, in Spain.  A bitcoin refers to a digital currency, which was created in 2009. One of the main advantages of the bitcoin currency refers to the costs related to each transaction, which are much lower than in the case of the traditional financial transactions. At the moment, there are only 20 bitcoin cashpoints in Spain. The one in the Balearics region was set up in Alcudia, Mallorca. Persons interested in opening a company operating in this field can receive more details on the matter from our team of lawyers in Spain

Crypto-currency in Spain 

The bitcoin currency is also known as crypto-currency. Users can purchase and sell bitcoin, which has been recognized as a currency for seven years. An important aspect related to the usage of bitcoin is that it does not function based on the traditional regulations, as it does not involve the authorities of a state. 
The bitcoin is a digital exchange method which only uses computer software based on cryptography. It is important to know that the bitcoin is not regulated by a specific bank, not even the Central Bank of Spain
Another relevant advantage of using bitcoin is that the method allows the exchange of the crypto-currency with traditional money. 
Businessmen who want to open a company in Spain should know that there is a growing trend for businesses that accept crypto-currency for various types of payments
Our team of attorneys in Spain may offer more details on the financial regulations applicable here. 

Advantages of using bitcoin in Spain  

The bitcoin currency can provide many advantages to its users. In a dynamic business environment, bitcoin can offer more flexibility to its end users, as it can be transferred instantly. 
The transfer of bitcoins can be performed in any place in the world without the intervention of a third party and the person sending the money can transfer it within his or her national territory or in a foreign country. 
Businessmen who want to find out more details on the businesses set up in this field are invited to address to our law firm in Spain


  • Melanie 2016-12-08

    I suppose that the method has several advantages and that it can be reliable, since companies accept it as a legitimate currency. I consider that the bitcoin will become extremely popular in the next decade.

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