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Business Etiquette in Spain

Business-Etiquette-in-Spain.jpgThe business in Spain can be conducted if everyone involved puts the accent on values, attitude and correct principles. If you are interested in doing activities in Spain and contract local entrepreneurs or investors, it is best to find out details about the business etiquette before making any movement. Our Spanish lawyers are able to help you in this matter and besides that, you can solicit legal services for your company in Spain.

Business meeting recommendations in Spain

It is true, the Spanish people are quite relaxed regarding punctuality, but if you want to make a good impression, it is recommended to arrive in time for your business meeting. As for the first discussion, people from Spain usually are interested in family matters, so you don’t have to be cold when you are asked about this matter. This is a proper way to get to know each other, to be a little bit open before entering into business details. Trust is a matter of principle, which Spaniards do consider it is important to be gained when boarding any kind of business. It is good to know that you can be flexible and you can negotiate in a Spanish deal, but make sure to respect the terms and the conditions mentioned. In Spain, there is no such thing as a business lunch because people really want to enjoy a good meal without worries. If you still plan to talk business at a lunch or dinner meeting, it is best to communicate in time your intentions.

Managing employees in Spain

If you are a foreign businessman who intends to open a company in Spain and hire personnel from the local workforce, you need to consider the working hours and the special time reserved for lunch or rest. There are companies in major cities in Spain where the working day starts at 9 AM and ends at 9 PM, with a break between 2 and 4 in the afternoon, but most enterprises respect and propose the 9 AM – 5 PM working hours with a standard one-hour lunch pause. As for the inside job and tasks, meetings are held to discuss all sorts of projects, problems and to make an exchange of ideas. And of course, the decisions are made at the high level of the company, by the board of executives. We remind that if you need legal services for your company, ask for help and guidelines from our lawyers in Spain.

Business dress code in Spain

Spanish people put an accent on appearance and the first impression pretty much counts for further business meetings. Which is why we suggest you adopt a professional dress code related to self-esteem, manners, style, elegance, and seriousness.
It is good to know that women in Spain, placed in particular job positions do not want to draw attention to their way of dressing. They are elegant, always adopting well-cut suits or dresses. Consider these aspects when having a business meeting in Spain and act in accordance with a proper appearance and best possible results on your activities.

Offering goods at the end of a negotiation in Spain

Generally, Spanish businessmen do not offer gifts, but in successful negotiations, small attentions are accepted. If you are a foreign investor in Spain, make sure to choose gifts that remind of your home country. Instead, you might want to consider a fine bottle of whiskey as a proper gift, thinking that Spaniards are aware of their brand qualities, and you must avoid cheap items. Sweets, souvenirs, chocolate and flowers are also considered suitable gifts on numerous occasions you might deal with in Spain.
You may contact our law firm in Spain for extra details about the business etiquette you need to consider when having activities in Spain.


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