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Certitude and Stability in the Real Estate Investment Sector in 2017

Certitude and Stability on the Real Estate Investment Sector in 2017.jpgSpain is recovering from the economic crisis that affected numerous sectors. The real estate field seems to develop and to register new numbers. The property sales encountered a 2.3% growth last year and according to statistics and research in this field, authorities expect to achieve a new target in 2017. If you are interested in investing in the Spanish real estate sector we recommend you to ask for guidance and complete assistance from our lawyers in Spain. They can also provide you with important legal services if you wish to settle your business in Spain.

Positive forecast for Spain’s real estate sector

Spain is among the ten countries in the world with excellent conditions of living, for simple persons who decide to retire here or for businessmen who established their activities in the country. It is true, there are suitable costs of livings and numerous investments on a long-term are made in the real estate sector in Spain. According to predictions for 2017, stability and certitude are the main characteristics of the real estate market in the country, where investments are expected in provinces like Murcia, Extremadura, Leon, Cantabria, Comunidad Valenciana, Asturias, Tarragona, Badajoz and many other. Numerous citizens from Sweden and UK have developed interests in the Spanish real estate market in 2016, where a 22% growth was registered.
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Consistent growth is expected in 2017 in Spanish real estate market

Getting out of the economic crisis involved a major effort for the Spanish authorities who implemented numerous reforms to sustain the foreign investments and to raise the economy in the country. The government regulations regarding the real estate investments have been, for the moment, quite a success, the results being over expectations, offering stability and confidence for long-term rentals or property acquisitions in Spain. It is good to know that Spanish residential property will denote in 2017 a comprehensive investment where the bank deposit interest and investment yields will be stable.
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