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Changes for the Next Renewable Energy Auction

Changes-for-the-Next-Renewable-Energy-Auction.jpgThe renewable energy in Spain has always been a strong and important sector where the authorities implemented numerous incentives and reforms to sustain the electricity from such source. The plans for 2017 are quite daring but not impossible, the authorities considering a 20% growth of the entire energy made of renewable resources. The auction scheduled at the end of March in Spain is dedicated to all investors from abroad who are interested in renewable energy with top-class technology related to thermosolar, wind, or biomass systems. If you are interested in making investments in Spains’ energy sector, we invite you to solicit information and guideline from our Spanish lawyers. They can also provide you with legal advice for your company in Spain.

The renewable energy auction will have new rules in Spain 

The important event is completely created and supervised by the authorities in Spain, who want to prepare a schedule of milestones to ensure the energy projects will be followed accordingly. If this rule will not be respected, the guarantees will enter into force. The low bids will be avoided with a cover for the offered discounts, according to authorities in charge with the auction. Spain has a deadline enforced by the EU (European Union) and that is to achieve 20% of the total energy needs with renewable ones by the end of 2020. It is good to know that our Spanish lawyers are ready to offer legal services for your company in Spain.

The renewable energy sector in Spain is very important

The growth of the renewable energy sector in Spain is influenced by the capacity of importing and exporting power.  It is good to know that Spain always properly controlled the electrical grid with high penetration of the renewable energy on the market, working on exporting such production in the countries around, especially in France. It has been recorded a major triumph in the transition to the sustainable energy production in Spain, counting 50% of the renewable share energy, which is going to be a debate at the auction set for this month.
Additional information about the energy sector investments in Spain can be obtained if you contact our law firm in Spain.


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