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Construction Sector Will Grow Annually at a 3.4% Rate Between 2016 and 2020

Construction-Sector-Will-Grow-Annually-at-a-3.4%-Rate-Between-2016-and-2020.jpgSpain’s construction sector is making a strong comeback after the economic struggles that followed after the 2008 crash. Now, the construction of residential and commercial buildings s through to maintain a constant growth of 3.4 percent through 2020, according to recent data. Our lawyers in Spain can give you complete information on the regulation of constructing activities and the requirements for companies operating in this field.

Construction activity in Spain is regenerating

The construction sector in Spain has rebounded from the economic collapse that followed after 2008. If the building increase remained low up until 2015, experts are now optimistic and believe that building in Spain will rebound, with much of the activity already on the way since 2016.
The predictions for the construction sector include an expansion of building activities both in the residential and the commercial sector, with a constant annual growth of 3.4 percent, from 2016 to 2020.
Experts from CBRE, a real estate investment group, believe that the construction sector is going through a regeneration phase, having recorded an increase in construction demand. Construction companies in Spain are seizing this opportunity and, as experts point out, building work has started again. 
Construction companies in Spain are subject to several regulations, including obtaining special permits and licenses. Our team of attorneys in Spain can help you comply with these reuqirements.

Other Spanish business sectors with recent growth

Other business sectors in Spain are seeing an important growth as part of the overall economic recovery. Banking and tourism are two other examples, despite the recent Catalonia situation.
Our team of lawyers in Spain can provide complete legal counselling for companies and foreign investors interested in exploring the business opportunities in the mentioned industries.
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