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Corporate Financing Under the Reciprocal Guarantee Societies in Spain

Corporate-Financing-Under-the-Reciprocal-Guarantee-Societies-in-Spain.jpgThe Reciprocal Guarantee Societies in Spain is a type of funding scheme providing assistance to Spanish businesses which operate as small and medium sized companies (SME). The Guarantee System can act as a third party between the entities which are interested in obtaining funding and the credit institutions, as it acts as guarantor in this case. Our team of lawyers in Spain can offer legal assistance on the regulations related to the Reciprocal Guarantee Societies

Main services of the Reciprocal Guarantee Societies  

The Reciprocal Guarantee Societies is a system that was enabled in Spain at the end of the 1970s. When accessing the program, the companies will benefit from a guarantor that will ease the possibility of obtaining credit. At the same time, in the situation in which the transaction will fail, the credit institution will require the Guarantee System to act as a guarantor for the respective case. 
Through this program, the companies interested in obtaining funding in Spain may also benefit from:
information services;
financial training;
business promotion. 

Register with the Guarantee System in Spain 

Companies operating in Spain can receive assistance from the Guarantee System only if they will obtain the status of partners by acquiring social quotas of the Guarantee System and SMEs can receive the participant partner statusOur Spanish lawyers can offer more details on the requirements set out when becoming a partner of the structure. 
The Guarantee System also provides the status of protection partners, which is applicable to entities such as: 
saving banks;
autonomous communities; 
Chambers of Commerce. 
The Guarantee System is also available for natural persons who have the status of self-employed entities. In this case, sole traders in Spain are also entitled to register for assistance. 
Through this program, companies and self-employed persons can receive better interest rate conditions and the entities requesting assistance from the Guarantee System will benefit from reduced requirements in terms of corporate guarantees
Businessmen are invited to contact our law firm in Spain for more details on the benefits of the Reciprocal Guarantee Societies


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