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IMF: Spanish Economy to Outgrow the Economic Projections for 2017

IMF-Spanish-Economy-to-Outgrow-the-Economic-Projections-for-2017.jpgTraditionally speaking, Spain is a great location for starting a company. Businessmen who want to invest in Spain may benefit from the advantages of the local economy, which is set to increase in 2017 to a higher level higher that the original estimates. According to the data provided by the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the Spanish economy will increase in 2017 by minimum 3,1%, a much higher rate than the inital projection of the institution (2,6%). Our team of lawyers in Spain can offer further assistance on the investment legislation available for foreign businessmen. 


Pillars of the Spanish economic growth

The Spanish economy entered its fourth consecutive year of economic growth. The main drivers which have contributed to the current economic growth are the following:
In order to set up a company in the import-export field, foreign businessmen will need to obtain special documents that are necessary for this business activity, which can be detailed by our team of Spanish lawyers
IMF also added that the local economy might grow in 2017 to an even higher rate, as a direct consequence of the reforms implemented by the Spanish authorities on matters such as: 
The employment level in Spain increased in the first months of 2017. However, it is important to know that the highest employment rate was observed for part-time contracts

IMF study on the Spanish economy

The data on the Spanish economy provided by the IMF was presented in the “Predictions for the world economy” report. The study also offers details on other economies; at a European level, the IMF stipulates that Spain will register the highest economic growth estimated for the following year, which will reach 2.4%. 
IMF recommends to Spanish authorities to establish new regulations for the local pension funds, as well as to increase the retiring age, as a consequence of an ageing population, a situation that has also been observed in other European countries. 
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  • Aaron 2017-08-08

    I have recently heard that the employment rate increased in the first part of the year to a very relevant rate. It means that the local authorities created viable reforms.

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