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Important Economic Growth Was Registered in Spain in 2016

Important-Economic-Growth-Was-Registered-in-Spain-in-2016.jpgA few years ago, Spain was badly hit by the economic crisis but had the power to get back on track in the last two years, with a new government and interesting reforms. The predictions for 2016 related to the economy growth have been surpassed, due to numerous foreign investments, which will continue in the same manner in 2017. If you are interested in investing in Spain or if you need details about the taxation system in the country, you can receive guidance and legal assistance from our Spanish lawyers.

Positive background for 2016

3.3% economic growth was the target for 2016, but due to many foreign investments and other important aspects, the numbers were surpassed. Small improvements were registered in many areas of interest in Spain, making the country recover from the black period related to the economic crisis. Unemployment rate encountered new numbers, 22.1% being the last registered level, compared to 26% two years ago. This is a sensitive sector and the Spanish government considers that special measures should be applied, in order to help the Spanish people to get work contracts in the country, without being obliged relocating abroad.
Experts in the economy are rushing to predict that the crisis will get to an end in the next two years, if the rate of inflation will remain low, at 3.1%, as established for 2017. Our Spanish law firm can provide you with legal services for your enterprise and can offer complete guidance if you are interested in setting up a company in Spain.

Foreign investments helped Spain to recover last year

The local industry generated significant exports and numerous Spanish products have been successfully placed on markets worldwide. The tourism industry is continuously increasing (about 70 million tourists registered in 2016), Spain being one of the most visited countries in Europe, making investors to relocate here and to start doing business.
It is good to know that the overseas investments created new jobs in Spain, which helped the business environment to regain the respect on the international markets, making the authorities to consider the bad times are over.
You are invited to contact our law firm in Spain if you need more details about the investment opportunities in Spain or if you need legal services for your company or for personal matters.


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