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Important Steps When Relocating a Company to Spain

Important-Steps-When-Relocating-a-Company-to-Spain.jpgA company can be relocated from its country of origin to Spain as an effect of numerous aspects. For example, there are better investment opportunities in Spain or the taxation system available here provides more advantages. Regardless of the reason for which the company is relocated to Spain, businessmen should take into consideration many issues concerning this matter. Our team of lawyers in Spain can offer legal assistance on the legal procedures imposed here when relocating a company

Aspects to consider when relocating a business in Spain  

Investors should start a new business plan in order to maximize the activities of the company on the Spanish market. They should also take into consideration the costs associated with this important change. 
For example, the company will need a new business address. Foreign investors in Spain can rent an office space but, at the same time, they can also purchase a property for commercial purposes
In accordance with the nationality of the businessmen, they may need to obtain specific visas to enter Spain in order to open a company here. Most of the investors relocate a company with the purpose of operating on the local market on a long term. In this situation, the investors may also want to relocate their families, operation which will require many legal requirements. 
Our team of attorneys in Spain can help entrepreneurs in completing the due diligence procedures applicable when searching for an apartment in one of the country’s main cities. 

Relocate employees in Spain 

Foreign businessmen are welcomed to hire employees from the Spanish workforce. However, they are also allowed to hire foreign employees in their companies operating on the Spanish market. In order to do so, the employees will need to obtain specific documents or visas, depending on their nationality. 
It is important to know that the employees who are residents in one of the European Union’s member states can seek for employment in Spain without the issuance of relevant documents. 
Businessmen are invited to contact our law firm in Spain for more information related to the relocation of a company on the Spanish market


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