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Incoming Tourists Expenditures Increased by 14% in the First Half of the Year

Incoming-Tourists-Expenditures-Increased-by-14-in-the-First-Half-of-the-Year.jpgForeign tourists who visited Spain in the first six months of 2017 spent an overall sum of EUR 37.22 billion, which represented an increase of 14.8% compared to the same period of time of the previous year. As it was the case in the last years, UK citizens were the top tourists in Spain. The data provided by the National Statistics Institute revelead that British tourists spent the largest sum of money (7.55 billion). The tourism industry in Spain is a highly developed field of activity and investors who want to start a company here may set up their business operations in one of the top Spanish touristic destinations. Our team of lawyers in Spain may assist foreigners with advice on this matter. 

Relevant statistics on the Spanish tourism 

In the first part of the yearUK citizens represented the largest proportion of foreign tourists in terms of spending (20.3%). The other top foreign visitors in this sense were represented by Germans (5.36 billion) and Nordic visitors (3.23 billion). 
Those who want to start a business in Spain in this industry may also take into consideration that the average consumer spending per capita increased by 2.9% compared to last year, reaching EUR 1,065. Another important aspect related to this subject refers to the fact that the average daily spending increased to EUR 143 (an increase of 4.9%). Our team of Spanish lawyers can provide more information on the tourism regulations imposed by the local government, that led to a development of the industry. 

Top touristic destinations in Spain

Traditionally speaking, certain regions and cities of Spain are known as top touristic destinations. In the first six months of 2017, the top regions (analyzed by consumer spending) were represented by the following: 
Catalonia (EUR 8.18 billion - an increase of 14.8% compared to the same period of 2016);
Canary Islands (EUR 7.91 billion - an increase of 13%);
Andalusia (5.61 billion - an increase of 12.3%). 
When opening a company in Spain that is related to the tourism industry, it is advisable to first study the top touristic destinations preferred by foreign visitors. 
Some of the Spanish iconic locations are: 
Palacio Real - Madrid;
Running of the Bulls - Pamplona;
Ibiza – Balearic Islands;
Sagrada Familia – Barcelona
Those interested in other aspects related to the Spanish tourism industry are invited to receive advice from our law firm in Spain


  • Alexandra 2017-09-12

    I have been living in UK for a while and most of my British friends are always including Spain on their travel list! I once visited Barcelona and I would like to see other regions of the country as well.

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