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Increasing Employment Rate in Spain in 2017

Increasing-Employment-Rate-in-Spain-in-2017.jpgThe employment rate in Spain continued to grow in May 2017, thus showing that the local measures taken by the Spanish government for job creation were effective. The Spanish Employment Ministry presented its latest data on this matter, announcing that 111,908 persons found employment in Spain. Moreover, the data offered by the ministry showed that 223,192 persons were enrolled for payments to the social security system in May, marking a record at the level of this month since 2005. Our team of lawyers in Spain can offer more details on the employment legislation applicable here. 

Record employent level in Spain 

During the economic crisis that affected the entire Europe, Spain ecountered numerous employment issues. At the moment, through the measures and incentives provided by the local authorities, 65% of the local workforce that was lost during the economic crisis is now a part of the employment market
Spanish workforce accounts for 18,345,414 persons. In the near future (2020), the projections for employment estimate an employed workforce of 20 million persons. Furthermore, investors who are interested in opening a company in Spain should know that the employment level (and thus, the stability of the business market) is showing solid results. In this sense, it is important to know that the month of May 2017 registered the highest employment level in the last 142 months. Our team of Spanish lawyers can offer more details on the types of employment contracts that can be signed here. 


Top economic sectors for employment in Spain 

Several industries marked the highest level of employment, as follows:
hotel and restaurant industry (65,409 new employees);
retail (15,793 workers);
construction industry (14,237 workers). 
Investors who want to open a company in Spain in the construction sector must know that the highest employment growth on a year-to-year basis was registered in this industry (an increase of 8.8%). Also, the highest number of employment contracts registered in Spain were signed as indefinite contracts
In March 2017, the unemployment rate in Spain was set up at 18.2%. 
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