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Increasing Immigration Trends in Spain

Increasing-Immigration-Trends-in-Spain.jpg2016 is the year in which the immigration trends have modified. Last year more persons immigrated to Spain than the ones who left the country, on account of the country’s economic growth and decresing unemployment rates. According to the National Institute of Statistics, more foreigners are interested in immigration in Spain, alongside with an increase of Spanish citizens returning to their home country. Our team of Spanish lawyers can offer in-depth assistance on the immigration permits applicable for various purposes, such as employment on the local market. 

Immigration, encouraged by employment trends  

According to the information released by the National Institute of Statistics, at the level of 2016, 89,126 persons arrived in Spain, overcoming a record that was last registered five years ago. 
Persons interested in the immigration legislation available in Spain must know that both foreign citizens and foreign investors can obtain suitable immigration documents
In 2016, the top immigrants arrived from the following countries:
There is a strong link between the immigration trends and employment opportunities available on the Spanish market. In this sense, foreigners interested in working in Spain may apply for a work permit. However, it is important to know that the citizens of the European Union are not required to obtain a work permit; our team of lawyers in Spain can offer in-depth advice on the main legal procedures that should be completed in this sense. 
Foreigners are also required to apply for a residence permit when relocating to Spain, which can be issued under specific conditions. 

Top economic fields in Spain 

As mentioned above, the main reasons for the increase of the immigration trends in Spain is linked to employment opportunities and the local economic growth. Businessmen who want to open a company in Spain should know that the top industries which had the highest employment rates in 2016 were the following: 
construction sector. 
When starting a business activity in Spain, foreign businessmen may apply for a residence visa, issued for investors and high net worth individuals
Persons interested in receiving more details on the immigration legislation available here are invited to contact our law firm in Spain


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