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India and Spain Agreed on a Future Economic Collaboration

India-and-Spain-Agreed-on-a-Future-Economic-Collaboration.jpgRenewable energy, infrastructure, water waste management, high-speed rail and even civil aviation are the subjects of new agreements signed by Spain and India to strengthen the economic relations in 2017. The future economic collaboration sounds promising, and even more, the representatives of the two countries also focused on cyber security matters as part of the developments in the future period. Spain is among countries with numerous investment opportunities in key sectors and investors direct their attention in fields like real estate, tourism, transportation and green energy. If you plan to make investments in Spain and you need to know the legislation in this matter, we invite you to get in touch with our lawyers in Spain for legal support.

Key sectors to develop in the next few years

The key projects agreed by Spain and India are related to the expansion of railways and the development of smart cities, important fields where the Spanish experts have a wide expertise, as the Indian Prime Minister acknowledged in a recent meeting in Spain. The ties between Spain and India need to achieve new standards in numerous fields, even if a fresh restart is necessary. The accent was also put on the future developments in civil aviation or water waste management, sectors where both countries, Spain and India, require full attention. These fields need solid investments alongside with the renewable energy sector which generates complete attention not only between the two states but worldwide. We remind that foreign investors who want to make investments in Spain are recommended to solicit advice and information in this matter from our Spanish lawyers.

Signed agreements between Spain and India

There have always been mutual plans between Spain and India, and the recent meeting between the representatives of two states, Indian Prime Minister Modi and Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, had the goal of strengthening the economic collaboration in varied fields. Transportation, defence, air space management, green energy, water waste management are among priorities where future projects will develop, and where major investments need to be done.
If you want more details in this matter or if you are interested in making an investment plan in Spain, please do not hesitate to contact our law firm in Spain.


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