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Exports from Malaga Province Increased by 20%

International-Exports-from-Malaga-Province-Increased-by-20.jpgExports from Malaga, Spain have increased by 20% on a year-on-year basis. Experts believe that if the growth remains constant throughout the remainder of the year, then the region can expect to set a new exports record by the end of 2017. The top exported products remain food and drinks, while others like clothing have also increased their sales. One of our lawyers in Spain can help you with information on investments in these fields and the conditions for exporting products.

Higher demand for Malaga products

Some of the most important products exported from Malaga include foodstuffs like olive oil, different types of meat and crops (especially subtropical crops). The beverages sector and the tobacco sector are also well developed. Compared to 2015, the export of foodstuffs broke a record, compared to 2015 and 2016, accounting for approximately 21% of the total volume of exports. Some 14% of the total export sales of Malaga were provided by the textiles sector, which recorded a significant growth in 2017.
Experts believe that if this export growth continues, Malaga could break its previous export records. The current estimate is of 2.37 billion euros worth of exported goods, should the growth remain steady. 
One of our lawyers in Spain can give you detailed information on the conditions for exporting goods from Malaga or other regions in Spain.

Investing in Malaga 

Malaga is an important city in Spain, ranking close behind larger ones like Madrid or Barcelona. The construction, technology services, and tourism sectors are the ones with the highest development rate. Foreign investors can also look towards other business fields like transportation, logistics, and the expanding export sector.
The region is promoted by the local authorities as a destination for doing business and, for this purpose, there is a high promotion rate among research activities as well as those involving new technologies, are being promoted.
If you want to invest in Malaga, one of our attorneys in Spain can help answer your questions about the conditions for doing business here.
Contact our law firm in Spain for more information and advice on foreign investments in Malaga and other cities.


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