Investing in Renewable Energy in Spain

Businessmen who are seeking to invest in Spain in the renewable energy sector have to know that the country stands out as the most important market in Europe for this activity. From the total energy market in Spain, the most developed sub-sector is represented by the renewable sources of energy, an industry in which the country is a world leader. Our team of lawyers in Spain can offer legal assistance on the main rules of law that regulate the activity of businesses providing renewable sources of energy

Renewable energy in Spain, a main component of the local energy market 

The usage of renewable sources of energy is highly promoted by the Spanish government, which has pledged that, by 2030, approximately 30-44% of the country’s energy demand will derive from green sources. Our team of Spanish lawyers can provide more details on the regulations related to the development of the clean energy market in this country. 
No later than 2020, Spain should provide 20% of the total energy demand from clean sources of energy and, in this sense, it is important to know that in 2017, the country obtained better results than the estimates for the following years, as 33.7% of the total energy demand was obtained from clean energy, a trend that was also kept during the first months of 2018, when the rate increased at a higher pace (45.8% of the demand was obtained from green energy sources). 

Opportunities for Spanish energy companies   

One of the main reasons for investing in Spain in the green energy sector is given by the fact that the Spanish energy companies are highly active, on both local and foreign markets. Spanish companies performing energy related activities are present on top international markets in Europe, Latin America or Middle East
The business relations between Spanish companies and legal entities operating on foreign markets are usually set up through joint ventures or partnerships for the purpose of completing a specific business goal. It is important to know that energy companies in Spain are specialized in providing services related to energy efficiency solutions
Businessmen are invited to contact our law firm in Spain for in-depth information on the regulations promoting renewable sources of energy in this country.