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Investment Grants for Environmental Purposes in Spain

Investment-Grants-for-Environmental-Purposes-in-Spain.jpgThe Spanish legislation provides a set of investment grants available for both local and foreign businessmen who are concerned on the environmental issues caused by various business and industrial activities. Such grants are applicable to all types of legal entities available in Spain, regardless of their size. A part of them are available only for specific industries, while others are applicable to all types of business operations carried out here and our team of lawyers in Spain can offer legal assistance on the legal requirements applicable when applying for a local grant

IDAE loan in Spain 

Businessmen carrying commercial activities in Spain can apply for an environment grant provided under the form of a loan, under the regulations of the Institute for Energy Diversification and Saving (IDAE)
The loan is available only for companies operating in the energy services sector, but is it important to mention that all types of companies in Spain are invited to apply for this program. 
The maximum funding which can be obtained under this program is estimated at EUR 250,000 – EUR 350,000, depending on the available programs carried out by IDAE and our team of attorneys in Spain may provide further information on the documentation needed when applying for the IDAE loan
The funding is applicable for the following types of investment projects that aim at developing sustainable means of energy
solar thermal renewable energy;
geothermal renewable energy

Financial aid for railway efficiency energy in Spain  

Companies registered in Spain which carry out business activities in the railway sector can benefit from a loan or subsidy provided by IDAE. The program is carried out to further develop the efficiency of the Spanish railway industry and investors can receive relevant funding, starting from EUR 300,000. The maximum amount which can be obtained through this financial aid is set up at EUR 4 million. The size of the company is not relevant when applying for an investment grant in this case. 
Our law firm in Spain can offer legal assistance on the registration procedure and other legal requirements. Please contact our Spanish lawyers for more details. 


  • Hugh 2017-03-20

    I like this type of article very much! It is very helpful for us, businessmen, to discover the types of grants we can receive from the local government.

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