Investment Project of EUR 10 Million for the Tourism Industry in Andalucia

The region of Andalucia will benefit from a new investment project carried out in the field of tourism, which aims at developing its less visited areas. The investment project has a total value of EUR 10 million, allocated in two tranches with a value of EUR 4.75 million. The municipalities located in the inland Andalucia will also receive grants of EUR 60,000, provided that they have less than 10,000 residents. Our team of lawyers in Spain can assist businessmen with advice on the grants available for businesses operating in this industry. 

The purpose of the investment project in Spain, Andalucia 

Andalucia is a developed region from a touristic point of view, but, as mentioned above, its inland territories are less developed. Through this project, the main purpose is to increase the cultural tourism in the region, but also to reduce the manner in which tourism is performed here, which is established on a seasonal basis
The municipalities in Andalucia that will benefit from governmental funds can obtain grants that will be awarded based on the following principles: 
job creation
The inland Andalucia is chosen as a travelling destination due to its cultural heritage and the tourism activities that are performed here represent approximately 40% of the total revenues derived from tourism obtained by the entire region. Our team of Spanish lawyers can advise on how to start a company here. 

Reasons to invest in the cultural tourism in Andalucia

With a rich history, Andalucia offers a wide range of tourism activities. The region is comprised of 771 municipalities, out of which 126 are considered historic areas. Besides its well known beaches that are chosen as a summer destination by numerous foreign visitors, the region also provides other options, such as: 
golf tourism – the region offers more than 120 golf courses
cultural tourism Andalucia has plenty of historic sites that are included in the UNESCO’s world heritage sites;
food tourism – most developed in regions such as Huelva, Montilla, Baeza or Zahara;
backpacking – the ideal travelling destinations in this sense are Seville, Cadiz, Huelva and the Sierra Nevada National Park
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