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Madrid and Barcelona, in Top of the Best Cities for Startups

Madrid-and-Barcelona-in-Top-of-the Best-Cities-for-Startups-1.jpgMadrid and Barcelona were included in the top fifteen cities in Europe more suitable for startups. The two Spanish cities are perceived as somewhat rivals, however, this rivalry that spurs competition is precisely what makes them some of the best locations for startup companies based in the EU. Investors in Spain have a multitude of benefits and foreign entrepreneurs are treated the same was as local investors.


Reasons to choose Madrid or Barcelona in Spain

Madrid and Barcelona were both included in the recently released European Digital City Index of startups. The two cities are recognized hubs for startups in Spain and the experts who included them in the top startup cities in Europe believe that the competitiveness is actually very beneficial for new companies in Spain. Madrid was ranked 12th and Barcelona was ranked 14th in the European Digital Index of startups while Oxford came in on the 13th place, between the two Spanish cities. 
The categories in which Spain recorded high scored for Madrid and Barcelona were a favorable entrepreneurial environment and Government support for startup growth. Moreover, on an individual level, Madrid was perceived as a friendly city with a good startup community and Barcelona helps entrepreneurs better fund their startup business. A recommendation for the Spanish cities is that they could improve the skills of their employees.
The European Digital City Index is prepared by Nesta, a UK-based company, and it is presented during the European Digital Forum. 
One of our lawyers in Spain can give you specific information on the conditions for investment and those applicable to foreign entrepreneurs in these two Spanish hubs. 

Investing in Madrid and Barcelona

Spain is a popular destination for foreign investment, particularly because of its welcoming business climate. The country has a large economy, based on the services sector with an emphasis on the tourism industry. Tax incentives are available for research and development projects, investments in cinema, music, and artistic performances. 
You can contact the experts at our law firm in Spain for more detailed information on the requirements to open a company in Madrid or Barcelona.


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