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New Rules for Disputes Between Consumers and Firms

The legal framework for arbitration matters between consumers and companies in Spain has recently been modified. Under the new legislation, customers disputes with companies providing goods and services in Spain are free of charge for the customers. At the same time, there are no thresholds for the value of a claim, a provision that was introduced in the Spanish national legislation under the requirements of the European Union (EU). Our team of lawyers in Spain can provide in-depth legal advice on the arbitration rules applicable here. 

Regulations under the new Spanish Arbitration Law

The EU has established that all European residents living in one of the EU’s member states have the right to resolve various disputes related to the purchase of goods or services without the need of handling the procedure through a local court. At the same time, consumers are no longer required to pay fees for a dispute with a company in Spain, which, prior to the new law, was set up at EUR 30
Following the new regulations, the Spanish government removed both the lower and upper value of a claim (EUR 30 and EUR 10,000, respectively). At the moment, companies operating in Spain have to resolve any consumer dispute in a period of 90 days, starting with the day in which the company received the consumer’s complaint. Our team of Spanish lawyers can further advise on the rights and obligations established for both parties involved in a consumer dispute


Requirements for Spanish companies 

The new legislation is applicable to all types of purchases, regardless of the EU country in which the respective products were bought. The Arbitration Law is available for the following types of purchases
in person;
by telephone;
by mail order;
using internet services
Under the provisions of the new law, disputes are covered even if two different EU member states are involved (for example, a purchase of an EU citizen resident in another EU country who has purchased goods or services from Spain). 
Businessmen interested in further details regarding the legislation on consumers and Spanish companies can contact our law firm in Spain for legal advice.  


  • Benjamin 2017-12-14

    This should have a positive effect on the relation between companies and consumers.

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