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Spanish Gambling Industry Is Thriving


The gambling industry has begun to develop quite a lot during the last few years in Spain. Recent statistics show that both land-based and online casinos have become very popular and the industry is still expanding. In 2015online casinos alone have doubled the number of registered players. Our lawyers in Spain can provide you with more information about investment opportunities in the gambling sector.

Tourism to Remain One of the Strongest Spanish Industries


The tourism industry continued to be one of the largest contributors to the Spanish economy in 2015, according to statistics. Surveys show that tourism brought around 120 billion euros to the country’s treasury during the last year. Companies in the tourism sector reported a 3.7% increase in 2015 and are also positive about 2016. If you want to open a travel agency in Spain, you can refer to our lawyers.

Spanish Economy to Grow Significantly in 2016


The International Monetary Fund (IMF) issued its annual country report for Spain which provides for an increase in the economy this year. According to the survey, Spain will surpass some of the actual leading economies of the world. The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development and the European Commission’s predictions are in line with those of the IMF and also provide for economic growth.

5 Reasons for expats to choose Spain


Spain is an interesting country to discover for both tourists and foreign citizens who want to come and work there for a few months or even years. They will enjoy a mild climate, friendly people, a lot of possibilities for entertaining and a healthy lifestyle.

Two cities in Spain, in the top of European startup locations


Two important Spanish cities ranked high in the top of the best European destinations for opening and developing a startup. Madrid and Barcelona are among the first 15 best cities in Europe for starting a small business.

Unemployment in Spain, at a minimum rate in four years


Spain has registered a minimum unemployment rate in the third quarter of 2015, after a few years in which the country was strongly affected by the economic crises and it lost thousands of jobs. The unemployment rate reached 21.18% falling from 25.93% at the beginning of 2015 and 26.94% in 2013, when it was registered the peak, during the crises.

Spain, one of the fastest growing economies in Europe


After recovering from the economic crises, Spain has become one of the fastest growing European economies competing with the stronger ones, such as Germany, France and Italy. In the top of the “big four” European economies, Spain ranked on the first position and it is expected to expand by 3.2% in 2015 and by 2.5% in 2016, according to an estimation made by the specialists from the International Monetary Fund.

Important growth rate for online shopping in Spain


The foreign entrepreneurs who think about opening an online business in Spain or extend on the Spanish market should know that the online market in this country is growing and there are many opportunities especially for those interested in opening an e-commerce website.

Standard & Poor’s: Upgraded credit rating for Spain


Spain obtained a better credit rating – BBB+ – granted by the prestigious agency Standard & Poor’s that considered the good performances of the Spanish economy in the latest months.

Increasing number of tourists visited Spain in the first seven months of 2015


The number of tourists who visited Spain, between January and August 2015, was 47.2 million – a higher figure than the one registered last year in the same period. In only one month – August – that is an important period for holidays in this country, Spain welcomed 9.2 million tourists that represent an increase of 1.6% compared to the same month in 2014.

Spanish Prime Minister: Structural reforms lead to economic growth


The recovery of the Spanish economy in the last year is due to the structural reforms imposed by the local authorities that helped the country overcome the financial crises. This is the opinion of Mariano Rajoy, the Prime Minister of Spain, who said that this country is no longer “the sick man of Europe” and succeeded to become one of the states that registered the highest growth rate in the European Union.

A new record of Spanish exports in the first half of 2015


Spain’s exports registered the highest growth in the last 44 years, rising by 5.5% in the first seven months of 2015 and the main reason for this is the recovery of the Spanish and European markets. The value of Spanish exports overcame EUR 148 billion and this helped reducing the negative foreign trade balance of Spain.

Spain registered 11 months of economic growth


After a period of nearly five years of recession, when the Spanish economy was strongly affected by the financial crises, this country seems to recover very well and it registered 11 months of economic growth. The Spanish authorities are very proud of this recovery and the Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy named the country as “Germany of southern Europe”.

4 Major Reasons to Invest in Spain


One of the European countries that offer important business opportunities for foreign investors is Spain, especially after it succeeded to recover after the financial crises. The Spanish market has an important potential to grow and so do the prices for real estate properties.

Real estate prices to rise in the next two years


The prices of residential buildings in Spain are expected to rise by 2.5% in 2015 and the same increasing is estimated also for 2016, while a 4% increase is predicted for 2017, according to a report released by Standard & Poor’s rating agency.

Changes to the Inbound Investment Rules in Spain


Spain has recently implemented new tax rules. Although they are mainly focused on the corporate income tax, these rules also target the structuring of inbound investments. The experts at our law firm in Spain can tell you how these new rules can impact your company in Spain or business plans in the country if you are a foreign investor.

The Spanish economy continues to grow despite the Greek crises


The Spanish economy seems to be out of recession after it recorded a slightly growth of 0.4% per quarter, according to the report released by Markit, an information service company that analyzed the economic activity in the Eurozone. Spain wasn’t much affected by the Greek crises as other European economies and registered better results than other major economies such as Germany, France and Italy.

Spain Reduced Personal Income Tax Rates

Spain hastened the personal income tax cut expected for this year. The reduction was made earlier than planned and the reason behind it was an improvement in the economy and in the tax collection. These changes are part of the tax reform package scheduled for 2015-2016. Our attorneys in Spain can give you further details about taxes on individuals and how these changes will apply.

The costs for expat living have decreased in major Spanish cities


Foreign entrepreneurs who are interested in opening a company in Spain and move to this country have to know that expat living costs have decreased there and they are among the lowest in EU, according to a study of the international consulting firm Mercer.

Foreign investments in the hotel sector in Spain to rise


After a few years of recession, when the entire Spanish economy was affected by the financial crises, the first signs of recovery have been seen and one of them is an important growth of the investments in the tourism sector.

Foreign direct investments in Spain, on the rise


After the GDP raised by 0.9% in the first quarter of 2015, Spain has become an interesting destination for foreign investors who are attracted by the outlook for a recovery and a new growth in the next months.

IMF: Spain’s recovery has gathered speed


The Spanish economy has overcome the financial crises and it has started the recovery process that has gathered speed in the last few months, according to the specialists from the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The country forecast is better than last year, but more reforms are expected in order to improve the economic situation of Spain.

Spain registered the highest growth of GDP since 2007


The first quarter of 2015 marked an important moment for the Spanish economy – the GDP (gross domestic product) raised by 0.90%, compared to the previous period, and that means the highest growth since 2007.

Reasons for investing in Spain


The European Commission estimates a 2.6% growth of the Spanish GDP (Gross Domestic Product) in 2015, which is a good sign for foreign investors interested in opening a business in this country or expending on the Spanish market.


Spain recovers after the crises: An economic growth of 2.8% is expected


Spain is expected to have an economic growth of 2.8% this year, as the Bank of Spain announced, and that is double comparing to the rate registered in 2014. These are the first years, after the economic crises that affected strongly the Spanish economy, when the country have registered an economic growth which is an important sign for the local and foreign investors who are encouraged to perform businesses.