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Positive Economic Forecasts for the Spanish Economy in 2017

Positive-Economic-Forecasts-for-the-Spanish-Economy-in-2017.jpgThe Spanish economy marked surprisingly positive economic prospects, as the forecasts for 2017 may be exceeded. At the level of 2016, the Spanish economy was situated at 3.3% Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth, providing better performance results compared to 2015. The forecasts for 2017 are showing a growth of 2.5%, but the Spanish government considers that such estimates can be exceeded. Another important aspect is that the economic crisis that once hit Spain no longer produces effects in the economy. Those who want to start a company can have several prospects, especially in the tourism field and our team of lawyers Spain can offer advice in this sense. 

Positive aspects related to the Spanish economy

The economic growth in Spain is a consequence of several important factors. Amongst them, we mention the inflation level, which was kept at a low value. 
This had a positive effect on the local economy, as it helped the Spanish GDP to grow. 
Investors who want to open a company in Spain should know that the local market provides numerous business opportunities, as the it is competitive, which can also be seen in the country’s state deficit. Our team of attorneys in Spain can offer more details on this subject. 
If, at the level of 2011, the country’s deficit was estimated at 9%, the estimates for 2017 show a much lower value - only 3.1%. 
Another important aspect is related to the level of foreign direct investments, which helped the local economy, especially in terms of employment, which is still a sensible subject. However, the local government is applying various strategies to reduce the unemployment level

Important economic fields in Spain 

Persons who are taking into consideration to invest on the Spanish market can find several economic fields that may offer competitive advantages. 
For example, in 2016, the Spanish exports increased and this trend was also noticed for the tourism industry that had a record value in terms of profits and in the number of incoming tourists, as more than 70 million visitors have chosen Spain as their traveling destination
Foreign visitors chose the following locations as their traveling destination
Canary Islands;
We invite those interested in this subject to contact our law firm in Spain for more details.  


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    Although there are some issues - like in any other economy, Spain does provide numerous opportunities in various types of industries.

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