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Record Funding for Spanish Start-up Companies in Q1 2017

Record-Funding-for-Spanish-Start-up-Companies-in-the-First-Quarter-of-2017.pngThe start-up environment is increasing at a rapid pace. In the first quarter of 2017, the level of investments carried out for start-up companies registered the highest value in the last years, reaching a total value of EUR 305 million. More importantly, the funding received by the Spanish start-up companies in the first quarter of 2017 represents 58% of the total funds obtained in 2016. Investors in Spain interested in launching an innovative product or service can receive legal assistance from our team of Spanish lawyers on the funding programs available for start-ups.

Investments in Spanish start-up companies 

Companies in Spain operating as start-ups can access various funding programs provided by the local authorities. The field increased in a fast manner in the last years, as the funding awarded in 2013 was situated at a total value of less than EUR 200 million, while in 2014 it increased at a level above EUR 300 million
The next years, 2015 and 2016, represented the top years for funding in this sector, increasing at a value of EUR 500 million. The record value measured in the first quarter of 2017 - EUR 305 million, - was provided to 72 start-up companies operating in Spain, which also represented the top value for the number of funding rounds. In the same period of 2016, there were only 35 funding rounds.
One of the programs available for innovative companies is the Rising Startup Spain program, in which each participant company can receive an award of EUR 10,000. Our team of lawyers in Spain can provide legal advice on the requirements applicable to applicant businesses. 
One of the requirements in this sense is related to the company’s capital. At least 10% of the capital must be under the ownership of a foreign natural person or a legal entity. At the same time, the regulation is applicable to natural persons who are considered non-residents in Spain

Investment volumes in Spain 

Most of the start-up business in Spain received grants with a value of maximum EUR 500,000, while important investments were also concluded for higher values (EUR 500,000 -  EUR 5 million). 
Most of the investments in start-up companies were completed for legal entities operating in the following cities:
Investors can receive further advice on the funding programs from our attorneys and persons who are interested in opening a start-up on this market are invited to contact our law firm in Spain for consultancy services available for this field of activity. 


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