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Requirements for Opening an IT Company in Spain

Requirements-for-Opening-an-IT-Company-in-Spain.jpgSpain has an extensive and well-represented information and communication technology sector (ICT) that is well-represented by both local and foreign companies. Those who open an IT company in Spain have access to an evolving business sector, with accessible labor costs and a good regulatory regime for businesses. Our lawyers in Spain describe the requirements to open a company in this field.

How to open an IT company in Spain

Investors who want to start an IT company in Spain need to follow a few steps. Below are the basic company incorporation procedures for establishing a company:
- register company name;
- apply for a tax identification code with the tax office;
- open a bank account and deposit the minimum share capital;
- draw up the Articles of Association and sign the deed before a notary;
- register the company with the Corporate Registry.
One of our lawyers in Spain can help you comply with these requirements and the subsequent ones that concern hiring employees and complying with the taxation and reporting requirements.
These steps may vary according to the chosen type of company. We recommend that you talk to one of our attorneys once you settle on a suitable type of company.

The IT sector in Spain

The information technology sector comprises the largest portion of the ICT sector in Spain. It includes the provision of hardware, software, and IT services. Spanish companies operating in this field focus on the production of hardware products and software solutions, with companies also engaged in the export of these products.  
Spain’s IT companies provide solutions in a wide range of business fields, from air traffic control to security or logistics and tourism. The country has seen a development of its IT sector when the Government made a number of important changes to its administrative system, namely the implementation of electronic IDs and digital traffic monitoring solutions. 
Software companies in Spain have opportunities in fields like cyber security, fintech, legal and health-related software solutions.
Spain encourages the development of the ICT sector through more than eighty Science and Technology Parks spread throughout the country.
One of the experts at our law firm in Spain can give you detailed information on the conditions for investment and the benefits available to entrepreneurs in the IT sector.



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