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Spain Records Strong Quarterly Growth

Spain-Records-Strong-Quarterly-Growth.jpgSpain’s economy recorded its largest growth since the pre-crash peak. The 0.9% growth in the second quarter of 2017 was among the largest in Europe and it was significantly larger than the growth figures recorded by the United Kingdom, for example. European statistics offices point it that the economy grew faster than it was predicted for the April-June period. One of our lawyers in Spain can give you complete information on the current conditions for investment and the policies that are favorable for foreign entrepreneurs in Spain. 

Positive economic evolution in Spain

Spain’s economy has a healthy evolution and it is even one of the most significant in the EU at the time, especially when compared to the UK. The country’s economic growth surpassed those of the United Kingdom and France. During the last three months, the Spanish GDP grew by 0.9%, as reported by the Spanish Statistical Office. This means that Spain’s GDP growth is three times larger than that of the UK and almost two times larger when compared to that of France.
Another positive evolution is that concerning employment in Spain: the unemployment rate dropped to 17.2% from 25%, after a long period of a less fortunate evolution. 
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Raised economic growth forecast

In light of the most recent economic growth, Spain has raised the forecast for 2017 and the predicted growth for this year is set for at least 3%, experts believe. Economists also stated that consumer spending, which recorded momentum during the second quarter, will continue to have a positive evolution, especially because of the favorable financial climate and the new opportunities for employment in Spain. 
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