Spain - the 6th Position in the European Top of Automation of Industrial Production

The field of automation of industrial production is highly developed in Spain, which is one of the leading European destinations regarding this business activity. More importantly, the country has one of the highest rates in terms of using robots in the manufacturing sector, as stated by the International Federation of Robotics (IFR) and our team of Spanish lawyers can provide in-depth legal assistance on the requirements for operating in this industry. 

Relevant statistics regarding the Spanish automation sector 

Businessmen who want to invest in the field of automation of industrial production can easily choose Spain as their investment destination, due to its high credentials on the matter. For example, at the level of 2016, the country had a total of 160 robots per every 10,000 employees, which represents a value that is twice as large compared to the global average on the matter (74 robots per each 10,000 workers). 
At a European level, Spain ranks as the 6th most competitive economy regarding the usage of automation processes for industrial production, after countries such as Germany, Sweden or Denmark. Our team of lawyers in Spain can provide legal information on the legislation addressed to the industrial sector in this country. 

What are the advantages of using automation processes in Spain?  

Any businessman that is involved in industrial production can benefit from the development of the automation sector, as this increased the reliability of the products. Automation is nowadays part of the Industry 4.0 concept, which uses highly developed technologies to assist the manufacturing process
Some of the main advantages of using automation in Spain are the following: 
a high degree of innovation at the level of the company, but also at the level of the supply chains;
a more proactive way to conduct a business activity. 
Businessmen are invited to contact our law firm in Spain for more information concerning any regulations that are applicable to businesses that operate in this sector.