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Spain, Top Destination for UK Citizens Purchasing Properties Abroad

Spain-Top-Destination-for-UK-Citizens-Purchasing-Properties-Abroad.jpgSpain is an attractive destination for persons interested in purchasing a property. With a warm climate and numerous touristic locations, Spain stands out as one of the top European countries on property matters, certain regions of the country representing the highlights of the property market. In this sense, it is important to know that British citizens have the highest level of interest for purchasing a property in Spain. Our team of lawyers in Spain can offer in-depth advice on the legislation regulating the procedure for purchasing a property here, for residential or commercial purposes. 


Top European destinations for properties  

Several European countries stand out as the top jurisictions in which foreigners are interested in buying a property. Natural persons interested in relocating in an European country should know that the most attractive countries in this sense are the following:
It is also important to know that foreigners are also interested in relocating or purchasing a property in the United States of America. For those interested on the market in Spain, our team of Spanish lawyers can offer legal assistance on the main documents that are to be signed during the purchasing procedure, including the sale/purchase contract.  

Main real estate regions in Spain  

Amongst the above mentioned countries, Spain is by far the most preferred destination for purchasing properties. British citizens represent the nationality with the highest level of interest on this matter, and their main reasons for buying a real estate property here are the following:
purchasing a second home (besides from the one they own in their home country). 
Persons who want to start a business in Spain should also know that this country is the most popular jurisdiction in terms of the internet searches on this subject, as the monthly searches reach a value of 2,500,000. Compared to the second country (France) presented above, Spain has 74% more internet searches. 
The top regions in Spain in which foreigners were interested were the following:
Searches related to Alicante increased by 53% compared to last year. The average enquiry price of a property in Alicante is of EUR 126,054 and foreigners are interested in purchasing houses or apartments
Mallorca is the most preferred region of the high net worth persons, and the average enquiry price of a property is of EUR 397,813.
British citizens who need further information on the main legal steps that have to be concluded when purchasing a Spanish property are invited to contact our law firm in Spain.  


  • Adrien 2017-07-26

    I would like to know what kind of properties are available for sale in the region of Mallorca. Have a nice day!

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