Spain, World's Leading Economy on the Production of Olives and Olive Oil

Spain is the world’s leading economy for the production of olive oil, as it has the largest crop of olive trees. From the total crop of olive trees (more than 750 million trees), 95% are located in the Mediterranean region. Out of these, more than 350 million can be found in Spain, which is the main country for the production of olive oil (approximately half of the entire production derives from this country). 
At the same time, it is important to know that Spain is the main exporter of olive oil at a global level, with 46% of the domestic production being traded on international markets. Our team of lawyers in Spain can advise businessmen on the main regulations applicable when exporting olive oil from this country. 

Main Spanish regions for the production of olives

Traditionally speaking, Spain is represented by two main regions for the production of olives and olive oil: Andalusia and Catalonia. Andalusia produces a wide category of olives from different varieties of trees and approximately 80% of the entire crops are grown in this region. 
The region of Andalusia provides high quality olive oils, which are included in the A and B classes on their level of acidity (A refers to oils that have an acidity of maximum 0.4%, while B class refers to those with a higher acidity level - up to 1%). 
Investors who want to open a company in Spain in this sector must know that the country is highly specialized in the production of olive oil, as from the entire production, 92% is used in this sense (out of a total of 2.1 million hectares of olive trees). Our team of Spanish lawyers can offer more details on the business permits that can be imposed to a company operating in the olive oil industry

Top export countries for Spanish olive oil 

As a general rule, the most important jurisdictions where Spain exports its olive oil are the following: 
United States of America;
United Kingdom;
Businessmen interested in this subject are invited to contact our law firm in Spain for in-depth assistance that can concern companies operating in the olive oil production.