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Spanish GDP to grow by 2.7% in 2017

Spanish GDP to grow by 2 7% in 2017.jpgWith a spectacular comeback in most important economic fields, Spain is about to exceed the 2.7 % GDP (gross domestic product) rate settled for this year. Compared to the previous year, the same quarter, Spain already registered a 0.8% growth and continues with the same expansion, according to statistics. Having a stable economy, Spain can attract even more foreign investments this year, so if you are an entrepreneur looking to establish the activities in the country, you can solicit legal help and information about the legislation in this matter from our lawyers in Spain.

The Spanish domestic sector continues to progress this year

The first quarter of 2017 was a significant one in the domestic sector in Spain, where the workforce has been reinforced and stabilized by reviewing the financial support. Spain had the largest inflation among European states during the economic crisis, the government making severe efforts to alleviate the numbers and to restore as much as possible the labor market. It seems like the fixed investments in Spain was the solution to the expansion of the economy last year, as it is the same resolution for the following quarters of this year. The investments in the construction sector and equipment in Spain are still the country’s best solutions not only for a stable economy but also for future developments.
It is good to know that the GDP in Spain recovered quite fast after the financial crisis, leaving behind numerous European states. The 3% GDP rate was registered in 2015 and 2016, as a witness of the performant economy in Spain, making the country strengthen its powerful position among influential countries worldwide. Financiers who want to invest in Spain’s major areas of interests are invited to ask for legal help regarding the legislation in this country from our Spanish lawyers.

GDP will continue to grow in 2017

With retail sales which encountered a 0.6% rate growth each month this year and with an export sector which registered excellent figures at the beginning of this year, Spain is definitely attentive to the particularity of the markets in order to expand the effectiveness of the export sector among many others. As for the GDP in Spain, it seems like the trend is positive and numbers continue to grow, the experts estimating a 2.7% economic growth with possible chance to surpass this rate. For the third time in a row, Spain succeeded to develop its economy in a fast manner compared to other states in Europe.
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