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Spanish State Grants for Company's Working Capital in 2017

Grants-for-Businesses-in-Spain.jpgCompanies operating in Spain can benefit from a wide range of state grants, provided for various areas related to the development of a business. Such grants can be offered depending on the economic field in which the Spanish company operates, as well as on its size. The Spanish institutions can also provide several grants – in the form of loans or leasing, for the company’s working capital and our team of lawyers in Spain can offer legal assistance on eligibility criteria. 


Grants for the working capital in Spain  

Investors who operate a company in Spain can receive relevant funding from the local authorities, available for the working capital of the business. The main institution which handles funds for the company’s working capital is the Official Credit Institute (ICO), being the only agency from which businesses in Spain can receive such loans
An important aspect referring to this type of funding is that all types of companies operating in Spain may be entitled to apply. At the same time, most of the grants also take into consideration the self-employed persons in Spain, who operate on the local market through a sole trader. Our team of attorneys in Spain can offer an in-depth presentation on the requirements related to setting up a sole proprietorship on this market. 

Companies and Entrepreneurs Fund in Spain  

The Companies and Entrepreneurs Fund provided by ICO addresses to all companies in Spain, regardless of the economic field in which they carry their business operations.  The maximum aid, provided in the form of a loan or a leasing, reaches the value of EUR 2 million and, in order to apply, the company must be registered with the tax authorities in Spain (if the business is represented by a legal entity). 

ICO Exporters Fund in Spain 

The ICO Exporters Fund can offer funding of EUR 12,5 million and it also addresses to self-employed individuals operating in Spain. The annual call can be provided under the form of a loan or a leasing and all types of legal entities are welcomed to participate. 
Businessmen are invited to contact our law firm in Spain for more details on the grants applicable to the working capital of a company.


  • Gregor 2017-03-27

    This type of article is really helpful. I saw that you provided several articles on the grants available in Spain and I would like to see more of this! Thanks!

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