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Study: UK Businessmen, Still Interested in Investing in Spain Despite Brexit

Study-UK-Investors-Still-Interested-in-Investing-in-Spain-Despite-Brexit.pngThere is a strong business sentiment amongst the British entrepreneurs who are interested in investing in Spain, as the latest data on this subject show that despite the effects of the Brexit referendum, most investors will keep their projects on this market. British businessmen who are interested in opening a company in Spain can have many opportunities here, in various economic fields. Our team of lawyers in Spain can offer legal assistance on investment legislation applicable by the local authorities. 

British investors in Spain  

The British businessmen have declared that they won’t close down their investment projects carried out in Spain after the Brexit’s effects will become applicable. 
Brexit referendum decided the exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union (EU), a decision which will have an impact on the legal status of British citizens, as well as in the case of British investors operating on various business markets within the EU area.  
For the moment, British investors can still benefit from the same rights which are available for any EU citizen and EU businessmen

Positive business perspectives for the British investors  

In a study conducted on this matter, 64% of the UK companies operating on the Spanish market showed a positive interest for the business environment available here. 
However, a proportion of 30% of the investors participating in the study declared that they would probably reduce the level of investments in Spain, as a direct consequence of the Brexit decision.
Still, it is important to know that 8% of the participants declared that they take into consideration to increase the level of investments in Spain.
Our team of attorneys in Spain can offer more details on the foreign direct investment regulations available for British citizens
Businessmen interested in opening a company in Spain must know that the UK represents one of the main investors of Spain (the 3rd largest investor, at the level of 2014). Moreover, British businesses registered in Spain created 160,000 new jobs
Entrepreneurs who are interested in the business environment available here are invited to contact our law firm in Spain for legal assistance. 


  • Nora 2016-12-08

    This is indeed a very good news related to the Spanish business market!

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