The Advantages of the New Ireland - Spain Ferry Route

A new ferry route was established between Spain and Ireland, connecting the cities of Cork (in Ireland) and Santander (in Spain). The ferry that will deliver the services has a capacity of 500 passengers and it can also transport approximately 200 vehicles. One of the main advantages deriving from this new transportation activity refers to the fact that haulage companies can directly transport goods between Ireland and Spain. Our team of Spanish lawyers can assist foreign investors on the regulations concerning the transport of goods by sea

Key aspects concerning the new Irish- Spanish sea route 

The new sea route will be completed twice a week. The duration of the transport between Ireland and Spain will last for 26 hours and it is expected to have positive effects on the tourism activities between the two countries. However, the main activity that is expected to grow is the trade between Spain and Ireland, as British haulage companies are actively searching for better transportation routes as a consequence of Brexit. 
One of the main advantages of the new route refers to the fact the both countries are member states of the European Union (EU), which means that several taxes and tariffs will not apply, as oppossed to sea transportation deriving from the United Kingdom

Main trading activities concluded through the new Irish – Spanish route  

Traditionally speaking, Ireland exports a wide range of products to the Spanish market. Ireland exports fish and seafood products, while Spain provides to the Irish market products such as vegetables, fruits, wine, ceramics and timber. Our team of lawyers in Spain can offer further information on the trading relations set up between the two countries. 
The new sea route is expected to have a positive effect on the Cork’s agricultural sector, as, due to the new link between the two countries, the Irish companies will have the possibility to export more products to Spain.  
It is important to know that, according to the Spanish legislation, the carrier of the goods is liable for any damage or delay related to a cargo
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