The Investments in Digital Startups Increased by 45% in 2017

The investments in digital startups registered in Spain increased by 45% at the level of 2017, with Barcelona and Madrid standing out as some of the top locations at a European level for digital talent. The total amount of investments in this sector reached EUR 779,3 billion and, compared to 2016, Spain registered 3,258 startup companies, which represented an increase of 20%. Our team of Spanish lawyers can advise local and foreign businessmen on the incentives available for companies registered in this industry and may also advise on the registration procedures available in this case. 

Main Spanish destinations for startup companies

As mentioned earlier, Barcelona and Madrid represent the top preferrence for investments in startup companies operating in the digital sector, being the leading cities in Europe on this matter. More importantly, Spain is the only country in Europe which has two cities amongst the top ten European destinations for investments in this sector, Barcelona ranking as the 5th top destination, while Madrid occupies the 9th position
At a national level, Barcelona retains approximately 58% of the total investments related to digital startups, while other Spanish investments are made in the following cities:
Madrid (31,5%);
Valencia (5,5%);
Bilbao (3%).
In terms of the volume of the startup investments, Barcelona and Madrid are considered the 5th and the 6th European locations, in a study which includes 78 cities. Our law firm in Spain can advise foreign businessmen on the procedure of setting up a business in Madrid or Barcelona
Investors who want to open a business in Spain in this sector should also take into consideration that the country is the 3rd European destination for startup talent, due to the competitive market conditions available here. 

Top activities of digital startups in Spain 

Out of the total number of startup companies in Spain, 49% are represented by businesses that develop technologies for mobile devices. Another main activity related to this sector is represented by technologies related to electronic commerce
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