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The Main Industries in Spain to Invest in

The-Main-Industries-in-Spain-to-Invest-in.jpgSpain is for sure an attractive country to invest in, although a major crisis made the people provide more concentration to the profits. The tourism is one of the most interesting sectors in Spain, which is continuously developing. There are many significant industries to talk about while considering the fruitful investments for 2017, but before we do, we remind that our lawyers in Spain are ready to offer suitable and necessary information about the taxation system in the country and about how to set up companies in the chosen domain.

Investing in Spain’s manufacturing sector

The economy in Spain rose by 3.2% in 2016 according to statistics, the biggest rate in Europe and almost twice as the settled Eurozone average. The most important sector is for sure manufacturing, with interesting developments in the food industry, beverages, chemicals, fabricated metal products and vehicles. Many textile companies have businesses abroad, generating interesting profits. An important fact is that Spain is one of the world’s biggest railroad cars and equipment manufacturers.

Investing in Spain’s tourism sector

Around 74 million tourists visited Spain last year, being considered one of the most visited countries in Europe. The tourism sector has always been a strong engine in the country’s economy, where taxes on different services were collected for Spain’s budget. With full potential in this filed, overseas investors can analyze the market and can establish travel agencies or all kinds of resorts in the country’s most developed cities. These activities will generate job opportunities for the available Spanish workforce and will help Spain lower the unemployment rate, settled now at 22 percent.

Imports and exports in Spain

The exports in Spain have now a new meaning, surpassing the low rates in the last two years. The export rate is continuously growing and Spanish products are encountered now in numerous countries worldwide at a high level than before. For instance, Seat cars are Spain’s emblem, with full production in several states worldwide. The Spanish exports grew slowly but encountered new numbers and beat records in this area. 33% of the total GDP (gross domestic product) in the country was registered in Spain last year from exports.

Spain recovers from the economic crisis

From 2008 until 2014, Spain encountered an austere economic crisis, which made local and foreign companies relocate to other countries. According to experts in economy, Spain seems to recover quite well, 2015 being the first year with a high GDP  in Europe, aligning once again with the economic powers on the continent. In only two years, Spain succeeded to recover about 85% from the GDP lost during the crisis (2008-2014). 
If you are interested in making investments in Spain or you want to set up a business here, you are invited to contact our Spanish law firm.


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