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The Richest Cities in Spain

The-Richest-Cities-in-Spain.jpgSpain is a country with many attractive economic fields. Various regions of the country are preferred by the investors due to a mix of tax policies, incentives, consumer market, business fields and other aspects. Generally speaking, most of the companies are opened in the largest cities of the country, as they provide the most important business opportunities. Those who want to open a company in Spain can set their operations in the richest cities of the country, which were recently revealed under the European Urban Audit, based on the information of the National Statistics Institute. Our team of lawyers in Spain can offer more details on how to start a business in this country. 

Largest cities in Spain 

When registering a company in Spain, many investors choose as a business location the largest cities in Spain. The main reason is related to the large consumer market available in such cities, which automatically provide more investment opportunities
The top largest cities in Spain are: 
Madrid (more than 3 million inhabitants);
Barcelona (1,6 million inhabitants);
Valencia (more than 700,000 inhabitants). 
Madrid and Barcelona are some of the most well-known touristic attractions in Spain and it is important to mention that the tourism industry increased throughout 2016 and more investors are interested in the accommodation sector in Spain
Our attorneys in Spain can offer legal assistance for the incorporation of a tour operator in this country, but also to obtain special permits required for this activity. 

Wealthiest locations in Spain 

However, the wealthiest cities in Spain are not only represented by the largest cities, but also by smaller ones. The results of the study are based on the income of the persons living in such cities and, in this sense, we present the following top richest cities:
Pozuelo de Alarcon (average income is estimated at EUR 70,298);
Majadahonda (average income of EUR 56,000);
Sant Cugat de Valles (average income of EUR 53,000). 
It is important to know that the wealthiest cities in Spain are located in the close vicinity of Madrid, the largest Spanish city
Businessmen are invited to contact our law firm in Spain for more details on the investment policies available in the richest Spanish cities


  • Elena 2016-10-31

    It is exciting to live in Madrid and persons working here have many opportunities, as many companies are interested in hiring both local and foreign employees.

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