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Tourism in Spain Unlikely to be Influenced by Barcelona Attack

Tourism-in-Spain-Unlikely-to-be-Influenced-by-Barcelona-Attack.jpgInvestors in Spain in the tourism sector can expect no long-lasting effect of the Barcelona attack on their business, experts believe. The estimate is based on the city’s size and the fact that it is a top tourist destination. Moreover, other cities that have seen similar events, like London, have experienced a rapid bounce back in their number of tourists.


Travel rebound after Barcelona attack

However alarming the terror attack in Barcelona may have been, there are signs that the tourism industry will not suffer greatly for the remainder of the year. Experts believe that it is unlikely for this event to agitate people away from Spain and that, like in the case of other large cities that have seen such events, the effects in hotel occupancy will diminish quickly. 
Moreover, experts believe that tour companies will not change their preference towards Spain not that they will deliberately raise prices for this EU area. If the latter does happen, experts say that it is a natural occurrence of the rising average prices as tourism companies adjust their offers.
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Tourism in Spain

Tourism is an important contributor to Spain’s economy. The country is a popular destination for summer vacations and, in 2016, the country was the third most visited one in the world.
The opportunities on the tourism market exist both in large cities but also in smaller, picturesque locations.  Most visitors who choose Spain come from the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy or the Netherlands.
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