Tourism, the Top Employer in Spain

The tourism industry in Spain became the largest employer of the country, accounting for 2.65 million employees. Out of the total employment market in the tourism sector, 2.17 million are represented by waged employees, while the rest are represented by private contractors Our team of Spanish lawyers can offer in-depth assistance on the main employment regulations and the employment contracts available in this country to businessmen who want to start a company here.

Top regions for employment in the Spanish tourism sector 

Businessmen who want to open a company in Spain that performs business activities related to the tourism sector should know that the most developed regions (on employment related matters) are the following: 
Catalunya stands out as the main region which employs the highest number of personnel working in the tourism industry (457,944 persons at the level of the second quarter of 2018), considering that it represents the top touristic destination, chosen by 19 million foreign visitors and 5 million local visitors at the level of 2017. 
Andalusia employs a total of 433,853 workers in the tourism sector, increasing by 7.5% compared to the previous year. Madrid is the third most developed region, with 400,000 employees working in the tourism sector. Our team of lawyers in Spain can advise on the procedures of starting a business in Madrid
At the moment, the tourism industry in Spain accounts for 13.7% of the total Spanish workforce

Main employment contracts used in the Spanish tourism industry 

Due to the fact that the Spanish tourism fluctuates in volumes depending on the season (more tourists arrive in Spain during the summer), numerous employers concluded definite employment contracts. For example, between April and May 2018, 32.5% of all the employment contracts related to this sector were signed as definite contracts
However, it is important to know that between 2017 and 2018 the number of indefinite contracts increased by 6.7%, which represents a higher growth rate compared to the yearly growth rate of definite contacts (2.7%). 
Businessmen are invited to contact our law firm in Spain for consultancy services regarding the legislation regulating the types of employment contracts that can be concluded in this country.